I'm the gal behind the camera, and the founder of Sage + Fern Photo.

If you see a photo of me, I'm probably trying too hard to look casual and cool. (I don't know what to do with my hands).  I live in Michigan but I dream of mountains and oceans. Lake Michigan is a slice of Heaven for me. Photography has been something I've worked at for a long time now. I'm self taught with the help of many gracious photographers around the world who have the heart to help people learn. My photos are inspired by nature, deep greens and raw emotion is always my goal. Wether it be two people in love, a mamas heart for her babies, or honestly I'll do a session with your dog if you're cool with that. I'm married to Dhillon and I'm the mama of two wild boys who are usually sporting tiny man buns and getting tanner than me. (I'm not bitter). But really, being able to assist in the miracle of them growing and learning is a true honor.

I'm a big fan of hand-written letters, hardwood floors and afternoon sunshine coming through the windows. (Wait I may just be describing a Nicholas Sparks movie?)

Photography is my full time job and I love being my own boss because I get to take as many snack breaks as I want. (A lot). I'm another plant-obsessed millennial. Plants have been therapeutic to me for a long while now. Sage + Fern was a carefully thought out name. Both these things have a special place in my heart! Feel free to ask me about it when we meet! If I'm watching something, it's probably Harry Potter or The Office. A substantial goal in my life is to meet Tom Hanks. I also love to travel and I'm so thankful that my job is creating opportunities for me to do that more often. I want to see as much of this world as possible. So invite me on your next trip. K?

Something I love about myself is my ability to be wildly inspired by different things at any given time. It makes for some interesting seasons in my life

I'm impressed that you've gotten this far because I can chat for awhile if nobody stops me. But truly, I'm so grateful that you are here to learn more about me.

I would love to create a gallery of your memories.  


When you choose me as your photographer, be ready to laugh, play and interact!

I'm a candid kind of gal so I put so much value into capturing moments and not poses. I pride myself on being able to tell a story with my photos.

I will also likely be throwing some quotes from The Office at you. (Bonus photos in your gallery if you understand the reference.) If you need help with styling or if you have an idea that you want to go with, don't be shy, reach out! I love helping clients turn their vision into a reality. Bottom line, the best clients are the clients that turn into friends. So don't be a stranger!